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Our Dyno

Dyno Specifications

• Rear wheel drive
• Front wheel drive
• FWD/AWD cars, recreational vehicles
• 2WD/4WD - Race cars
• Sport utility vehicles
• Light commercial vehicles
• Recreational vehicles
• Motorcycles (with optional adapter)

Dynamometer Performance both axles, cold
Standard Retarders Front Rear Both Graph
Max Power 450 KW 600 HP 450 KW 600 HP 900 KW 1200 HP 2000 KW 2700 HP
Max Tractive Effort 13,800 N 3,100 lb 13,800 N 3,100lb 27,600 N 6,200 Lb 61,300 N 13,800 lb
Maximum roller torque 1,500 Nm 1,100 ft lb 1,500 Nm 1,100 ft lb 3000 Nm 2,200 ft lb 6,500 Nm 4,800 ft lb
Max axle torque (note 1) 4,100 Nm 3,000 Ft lb 4,100 Nm 3,000 ft lb 8,200 Nm 6,000ft lb 18,200 Nm 4,600 ft lb
Note 1: Assumes 600 mm (23.5”) tyre diameter Note 2: Assumes 3,500 RPM Note 3: Assumes sufficient traction

Retardation and Loading
Single retarder (PAU) per axle (std.)
Auxiliary 2nd retarder option rear axle*
Eddy current retardation (PAU)
High load available at low speed
Electronic load cell force measuring system
Electromagnetic roller exit brake

Roller surface

Dyno Dynamics square cut knurl

Heavy duty traction control
Low tyre temperature operation

Drive Rollers
217 mm (8.5”) dia. rollers
Rollers dynamically balanced
Command Module Controlled Chassis
Adjustable front wheel drive stabilisers
Self locking wheel base adjustment

Axle Download

• Adjustable

Transmission Types
Front wheel drive
Rear wheel drive
All wheel drive
Locked front:rear AWD/4WD
Full time AWD/4WD
Viscous coupled AWD/4WD
Intelligent European AWD/4WD

Max speed

250 km/h (150 mph) speed rating
Cooling Fans*

Range to suit your requirements

Load Capacity
Vehicle weight 4,500 kg (10,000 lb)

Wheelbase Adjustable wheelbase
Minimum 2,250 mm (88.5”)
Maximum 3,500 mm (138”)
Alternative wheelbase dimensions
available upon request

Above or below ground installation
Range of above ground kits

Power Requirements
Varies with country of installation,
refer factory.

Exhaust Analysis
Air:Fuel ratio (Lambda)
4/5 gas analyser *
Diesel opacity *
Dyno Dynamics Phase 3 computerised control system
AWD/4WD control system, electronics and software
AWD/4WD Smart system
Wireless (cordless) keyboard
Colour ink jet printer
Hand held Command Module
Heavy duty steel cabinet
Automatic fan control
Large digit and bar graph displays
Power, tractive effort, speed,Air:Fuel/lambda etc.
Vacuum/boost display
Constant speed mode (Dial in the speed you want)
Constant load mode (Dial in the load you want)
Ramp mode (Dial in the acceleration you want)

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